To make accessing services as simple as possible, we have included below the various forms used in the admissions process. You will find the forms we review during our admissions screening, an application for our two residential programs, and information sheets on our different programs.

Please feel free to reach out to request additional information about our programs, or to schedule an assessment meeting to determine which program is right for you.

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Admissions Screening

  • Notice of Privacy Practices
    We follow strict HIPAA guidelines in order to ensure your confidentiality.
  • Consents
    Consents include financial agreements; a form giving us the ability to provide you and your family members services; and a review of how we handle communications when treating minors
  • Release of Information
    Many clients request to have some details of their treatment shared with outside organizations and/or other individuals in order to better manage care, to identify an emergency contact, or to increase support with reaching personal goals. This form outlines the different types of information that might be shared. A client can revoke a consent at any time

Residential Services

  • Residential Programs Application
    This form is used for both our Adult Mental Health Residential Program and our Recovery Housing Program. Please see informational sheets below to learn more about each program.