To provide community-based services that strengthen families, foster self-sufficiency and enhance the quality of life.

SeaView is a non-profit behavioral health organization providing mental health and substance use disorder treatments. SeaView is led by a team of professionals who are passionate about access to mental health care, freedom from addiction, and building healthy families. We employ a staff of over 50 professionals, including a psychiatrist, nurses, master’s-level clinicians, social workers, case managers, behavioral health technicians, and administrative and support staff.

Our mission is achieved by regularly assessing the needs of the community and providing a full continuum of care. SeaView’s services include crisis, residential, and outpatient programs, all designed to improve the lives of our families, friends and neighbors. If you need behavioral healthcare, we are here to help.


SeaView was incorporated in June 1972 as the Seward Council on Alcoholism when local community members concerned with the effects of alcohol on families came together and sought funding to provide outpatient substance use disorder treatment.

Within a few years, the Council expanded its scope to include mental health services and changed its name to Seward Life Action Council. Since its inception, SeaView has initiated numerous programs according to community needs and in 1999, the SeaView Plaza was purchased, and the Seward Life Action Council underwent a second name change to SeaView Community Services.

Over the years, new programs were developed while others were transitioned to other community partners or launched as their own non-profit organizations. As we approach our 50th year, SeaView is narrowing our focus and engaging in the expansion of local behavioral health services to improve lives and relationships in our community.

Mental health and substance use disorder treatment are well-defined community needs that SeaView is best positioned to address. As the only nationally accredited and Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) licensed Community Behavioral Health Center (CBHC) on the Eastern Kenai Peninsula, SeaView is the organization key to providing access to a full array of mental health and substance use treatment options in our community.