Everyone experiences moments of crisis in life.

You might be struggling with depression or substance use. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by problems at work, feeling lonely, or having a conflict with a loved one. Whether your problem is large or small, talking with someone can help.

Most of all, don’t wait for a problem to get out of control. Just call SeaView’s 24/7 Crisis Line for help.

Crisis Line (907) 224-3027

What to Expect

Our Crisis Clinician has one primary goal: to resolve the current crisis you or a loved one is experiencing. We provide in-person and telephonic crisis intervention and referrals to higher levels of care. Our clinician will assess the situation and provide crisis intervention techniques. The clinician will also work to create a safety roadmap that can be followed if issues arise in the future.

After addressing the immediate crisis, our clinician will connect the individual with the right next level of care, whether that is a hospital, local treatment services, or another resource. We also follow up within 48 hours to check in to ensure that things are going well and to offer additional support.