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Team Member Mission & Core Values
SeaView Community Services’ Mission: “To provide community based services that strengthen families, foster self-sufficiency and enhance quality of life.” Our mission is accomplished with 3 Core Values:

INTEGRITY: all of our actions match our stated beliefs; we adhere to a firm code of moral values; we have an awareness and regard for ethical standards; we do not tolerate unethical or inappropriate behavior toward clients or each other; we maintain personal and professional integrity. Integrity is:

  • TRUST: I will speak up; communicate openly and honestly; support decisions once they have been made; give positive feedback publicly and constructive feedback thoughtfully and privately; show up on time and be ready to give my best; demonstrate that I can be counted on; follow through with promises and commitments; and be relentlessly confidential and compliant to SeaView Community Services' policies and standards.
  • RESPECT: I will listen before judgment; let people know where I stand professionally, openly, and directly; refrain from backbiting, appreciate differences in people's styles, cultures, gifts, and skills; be willing to learn from others' points of view; treat Team Members and clients with kindness, respect, and with dignity - regardless of how I feel; and be a great human being with a natural concern for others.
COMPASSION: we exhibit a genuine concern for others; we have a deep concern for human dignity; we have a desire to help and serve; we are motivated by concern for the welfare of the client, the community and each other. Compassion includes:
  • ENJOYMENT: I will possess humor, humility, and common sense; take time to laugh each day; greet the Team Members and clients I meet with a smile; celebrate individual and team successes and achievements; I take my job -- not myself -- too seriously; find and notice the positive traits in others; be optimistic; tell others they are valuable and appreciated.
  • SERVICING SEAVIEW: I will serve SeaView Community Services enthusiastically; accept responsibility for my actions, attitudes, and mistakes; know what my job is and ask questions when I am unsure; accept correction, direction, and feedback on job performance, learn from it, and do it right the next time; accept responsibility for the progress of my team by giving timely feedback to my Team Members when they are not meeting team standards; offer support; act with the reality that what I do -- or don't do -- affects the client, the team, and the whole agency; deliver the results I promise; always act as if SeaView Community Services is the only company to work for; and always act as if I am SeaView.
SERVICE: our actions are acts of assistance or benefit; we offer services in response to need or demand; we are ready to be of help or be of use to others; work that is done by one or a group is for the benefit of others; all we do is the best of the best. Our services will be:
  • WORLD-CLASS: I will do my best at all times and look for ways to do it even better; continually find ways to contribute to the success of my team; have the courage to challenge the norms; seek the better way; be passionate about improving clinical and service excellence; crave learning; constantly improve my personal and professional skills; do everything I do as if it were a performing art; treat all Team Members equally.
Click here to view these Core Values as a .pdf file.

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