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Community Support Services

A full range of community-based services for severely mentally ill or emotionally disturbed adults.

What is Community Support Services?

The purpose of Community Support Services is to:

  • maintain and improve the functioning level of severely mentally ill and severely emotionally disturbed adults;

  • create a supportive, safe environment;

  • and help individuals to have the greatest amount of personal choice with the least amount of intervention or restriction.

Community Support Services is consumer-centered, providing support to both the consumers and their families.

What Services are Provided?

  1. Consumers have access to a system of comprehensive & integrated community-based services.

  2. Consumers are actively involved in individualized planning and implementation.

  3. Family, friends and community resources are an integral part.

  4. Services received in the least restrictive setting possible.

  5. Cultural (linguistic, religious, spiritual) & value systems are incorporated.

  6. Respect for rights & dignities of the individual underlies all activities.

  7. Consumer satisfaction & positive outcomes are focus of services.

  8. Services are delivered by competent, caring individuals.

  9. Supports & services necessary to succeed in a person's chosen community are provided.


The Community Support Program serves a specific population of mental health consumers in an outpatient setting. Anyone who meets the CSP diagnostic criteria of having a functional limitation is eligible for services. This can be determined by screening, evaluation and referral through the SeaView Community Services Mental Health program.

Residential Services

  • Assisted living in a group home environment

  • Support services in 4-plex apartments

Support Services and Case Management

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Pre-vocational & Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Psychiatric Services

  • Consultation

  • Evaluation

  • Medication management

What is the Cost?

The Behavioral Health Program is provided on a sliding fee scale. Fees are based on ability to pay. Services are never denied due to in ability to pay. Third party billing is available for persons with insurance of Medicaid eligibility.

Education programs are free unless special speakers are brought in for a presentation.

Who Do I Contact?

Behavioral Health Director
  phone: 907.224.5257

SeaView Community Services   PO Box 1045   Seward, Alaska 99664   907.224.5257
Providing community based services that strengthen families, foster self sufficiency, and enhance quality of life.